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Custom and Bespoke Packaging

At Polydesign we specialise in producing custom and bespoke polystyrene packaging and packing inserts. Polystyrene is well known for the excellent protection it provides to delicate items in transit, and we can design and produce appropriate packaging for virtually any item, from glass to electronics.

By utilising state of the art jigs & resistance wire, we can create packaging in any shape with no tooling costs involved, removing the need to spend thousands of pounds producing a mould. This means that our packaging is extremely cost effective, whether you need to protect a single item or many.

Packaging Design

When designing packaging, we bring our 25 years of industry experience to bear, calculating the right wall thickness and density of material to provide maximum protection at minimal cost.

Whatever shape, size or material of the items you're shipping, we can create bespoke polystyrene packaging that will get it to its destination safely without breaking the bank.

Polystyrene Corner Pieces

Many items with a square or rectangular shape only require polystyrene corner pieces to provide adequate protection in transit.

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