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Insulation and Construction

Polystyrene's suitability for insulation is well known. It's extremely effective at reducing heat and sound transfer, is very easy to cut to shape on site, and is highly portable, making it cheap and easy to transport.

At Polydesign we can provide polystyrene for all of your insulation requirements, domestic, commercial or industrial, for floors, walls or roofs. Our insulation sheets are of the highest quality, and are guaranteed to ensure that temperature and sound are insulated properly within a building.

All of our polystyrene sheets are flame retardant, and can be produced on demand. We also offer a delivery service.

Building Voids

Another effective use of polystyrene is for builders voids. Shapes can be produced quickly and accurately, and can be easily be broken or burnt out once surrounding concrete or cement has set. It is cost effective, both in terms of having the shape made, and transporting it to the building site.

Material Information

If you would like more detail on our polystyrene, material information can be found on the material data page.


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