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Shapes & Displays

Polystyrene isn't just for packaging - it's a fantastic material for creating custom shapes and displays for all sorts of purposes. We can create unique polystyrene shapes and logos to match any custom design, from small pieces to towering objects.

We produce polystyrene shapes and displays for all sorts of creative requirements, logos and signs, letters, numbers, display models, and more. Our polystyrene is an excellent choice for theatre props or set objects, exhibition and conference displays, television and media productions, and many other events; it can also be produced with a flame retardent additive on request.

Polystyrene is lightweight, making it portable and easy to transport. With an additional coating of PVA and tissue paper, it can easily withstand any knocks or bumps occurring from being regularly moved around, and is very easy to paint. It can be cut into any shape, making it perfect for use as both a two dimensional backdrop, or a three dimensional model.

We have a state of the art design and manufacturing facility, enabling us to turn computer designed, hand drawn or scanned images into a polystyrene object. If you have any enquiries as to what can be achieved, or you'd like guidance in creating your design, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Polystyrene Letters

We can produce polystyrene letters using any font, whatever size you require. Polystyrene letters are an excellent way to draw attention to a display, and can be painted if required.

Larger letters can be manufactured in sections, making them easy to transport and assemble/dissemble.


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